Uchiha Shisui
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18 | Class 3-A | House 5A-A
Roommate: Yylfordt Granz
[Affiliated with NaruBleach RP Centre]


For anyone who was well-acquainted with the high-ranking Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer’s next course of action oughtn’t to pose as much of a surprise to any of them.

Pinching the material of the very comforter the boy rested on delicately between his thumb and forefinger, he lifted the fabric in one fluid, easy motion- the strength lying behind the seemingly innocuous action enough to send the Uchiha rolling off the piece of furniture.



The boy might as well have soiled his sheets.

Thankfully for Shisui his honed reflexes meant he managed to avoid smacking his head on the others bedside table, though the impact of the floor itself was one he could have also gone without. Wincing ever so slightly he glanced up at Ulquiorra’s blank face, not an ounce of guilt in his eyes as expected, and pouted.

"Aww, come on Ulquiorra-kun!" He whined, scrambling to his feet. "Is it that bad that I wanna spend time with you?"

Glancing around the small room he caught no sight of the gift he had sent to his ex-roomate. Ulquiorra’s side of the dorm was as pristine as ever. Minus the now unmade bed.

"I mean, you must have got my parcel, right? Or are you still mad at me for leaving?"


What are you to me (check all that apply)?
[] A stranger.
[] A friend.
[x] A best friend.
[] A crush.
[] A girlfriend/boyfriend.
[] A fiance/fiancee.
[] A husband/wife.
[x] A family member. 

Where did I meet you?
[] A bar.
[] A party.
[] The movies.
[] The internet.
[] Work.
[] School.
[] Church.
[x] Other. (Was given the greatest first impression of you crawling around with a stinky nappy before Mikoto-san caught you!)

How long have I known you?
[] A year or less.
[] Two or three years.
[] Four or five years.
[] Six to ten years.
[x] 11+ years.

I think you are (check all that apply):
[] Annoying.
[x] Kind.
[] Rude.
[x] Generous.
[] Selfish.
[] Frugal.
[] Fickle.
[] Funny. 
[x] Polite.
[] Daring.
[] Cowardly.
[x] Sweet.
[] Attractive.
[] Ugly.
[] Messy.
[] Neat.
[] Cool.
[x] Dorky. (What kind of kid asks for extra assignments?!)
[x] Smart.
[] Stupid.
[] Immature.
[x] Mature.
[x] Weird. (Yeah… Again, the assignments thing?)

If you were caught in an explosion, I would (check all that apply):
[x] Get you to a hospital.
[x] Check to see how badly you were hurt.
[] Tell you things that I was unable to before.
[x] Panic.
[] Cry.
[] Let you be.

If I saw you right now, I would (check all that apply):
[x] Hug you.
[x] Smile.
[x] Be happy.
[] Kiss you.
[] Tackle-hug you.
[x] Talk to you.
[] Slap you.
[] Yell at you.
[x] Be secretly loathsome of your presence. (Why are you so tall?)
[] Do nothing.

What are my feelings towards you? (check all that apply)
[x] I like you.
[x] I love you.
[] I’m IN love with you.
[x] I enjoy your company.
[x] I wish we talked more.
[x] I want to see you.
[] I miss you.
[] I hate you.
[] I wish I’d never met you.
[x] I enjoy seeing you suffer. (maybe a little…)
[] Who are you? 

If you died, I would (check all that apply):
[] Not care.
[x] Be sad.
[x] Cry.
[x] Never recover.
[] Die of heartbreak. 


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